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Lloyd Geering


At 101, Sir Lloyd Geering’s message is as relevant as ever. Each of these distillations of a lifetime of scholarship and thought give us hope for the future. He helps us see beneath what can sometimes seem an overwhelming deluge of tragedies, to the deeper patterns of human cultural, intellectual, political and spiritual evolution, and these insights point us toward how we can each play our part in fostering a world where love triumphs over evil.

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In this new volume, Lloyd Geering presents previously unpublished talks and lectures which will interest a wider audience than was originally intended.

The first examines the relevance of Christian perspectives in a post-Christian global era, and asks whether they can help solve the massive problems now facing the world. The second part focuses more closely on theology, and includes Lloyd’s wry account of his so-called ‘heresy trial’ in the 1960s.

As one of New Zealand’s outstanding public intellectuals, Lloyd Geering’s thoughts are always topical and thought-provoking. Given recent tragic events in New Zealand and in other parts of the world, his essays on ‘Tolerance and our global future’ and ‘The destructive potential of fundamentalism’ have heightened relevance today.

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Sir Lloyd Geering, born in Rangiora in 1918, was a Presbyterian minister and taught at theological colleges in Brisbane and Dunedin before being appointed foundation professor of Religious Studies at Victoria University of Wellington.

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