Abroad – The Travel Journals and Paintings of Cranleigh Harper Barton

Gerry Barton


Watercolours of a vanished world — an artist’s journal


Feilding-born Cranleigh Barton travelled extensively most of his life, and his journals and paintings capture a world that has vanished. He began his diary in 1908 when he was 17; ten years later he took up the challenge of becoming a watercolour artist.

When he wasn’t abroad, Cranleigh lived a comfort­able bachelor existence, creating a home and much-admired garden on a Christchurch hillside overlooking the Pacific.

Cranleigh compiled over 80 journals, and his water­colours number in the thousands. Abroad brings selected entries and paintings together for the first time. They shine a light on the richness of an artist’s life in the first half of the 20th century in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Europe and the East.

About the author

GERRY BARTON is a great-nephew of Cranleigh, who was a familiar figure in his childhood. There were postcards from far-flung places abroad and, when Cranleigh was home, visits up a long path to his hide-away full of exotica from his travels.

Gerry has had a career in museums in various parts of the world. His last book, in collaboration with Philip Heath, is Coral Route: Tasman Empire Airways Ltd, Flying Boats & the South Pacific.

Additional information

Dimensions 295 × 210 mm