Artefacts & Ventifacts

Peter Shadbolt


Artefact (n): an object made by a human being, typically one of cultural or historical interest.
Ventifact (n): a stone shaped by the erosive action of wind-blown sand.


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Peter was an engaging, humorous storyteller, particularly of his own life and family from the 1930s onwards — material drawn on extensively by his brother Maurice in his books. This collection reflects Peter’s life and some of his interests, and follows his documentary poem sequence, Voyage Around a River : The Hokianga, published in 2014.

About the author

Peter Shadbolt (1935–2009) was a passionate New Zealander who enjoyed a full life. A dedicated, inspiring teacher and school leader, he read and travelled widely. Described by his son Ben as ‘a Kiwibloke for all seasons’, Peter was an energetic man who loved the outdoors, particularly rugby, fishing, surfing, tramping and gardening. Geology, history, jazz, art and politics were other abiding interests.

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