Because Paradise

Charlotte Trevella


from ‘Surrealist Weather’

There was the wind too,
that scoured bald hills
for answers, finding only
insects to shatter against
our skin, our crib rocked
in the night:
the house built on sand.
You held the weather
in your eyes,
dark and writhing when
you turned them to the
sky, watched clouds
smoulder among the stars.

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A beautiful début collection from a rising star.

About the author

An outstanding and popular young poet, Charlotte Trevella was selected in 2008 as one of the top fifteen youth poets in the world, in the Foyle Young Poets of the Year competition. In 2009 she won first prize at the NZ Post National Schools Poetry Awards. Her poems have appeared in Landfall, Takahē, Snorkel, NZ Listener, and North & South, and one was included in the New Zealand people’s choice anthology, Our Favourite Poems (Craig Potton, 2007).

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