Drawing the Days of Blunder and Lightning

Jim Lynch


Jim Lynch takes us back to the turbulent Muldoon/Lange years with the shrewd insight of a political cartoonist.


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Jim Lynch looks at the events and background to the early 1980s with political cartoons he had published in the Taranaki Daily News and the New Zealand Times. The accompanying text casts a critical eye over politics & politicians from the late ’70s to the early ’90s, looking at New Zealand as it was then and examining how far we have come.

About the author

Jim Lynch is well known in Wellington for his ecological activities being a founder of the Karori Sanctuary (now Zealandia) — a pioneering urban conservation enterprise — following his proposal ‘to bring the birds back to Wellington city’. He remained on the board of Zealandia until 2007 and is now the founder vice-patron and chair of Zealandia’s guardians.

In recognition of his contribution to conservation, Jim has received two Wellington civic awards and a Queen’s Service Medal. Now semi-retired in Waikanae, he enjoys time with grandchildren, sports, barbershop singing, guitar, hiking, travel, writing and history.

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