Angie Farrow


Epic, disturbing and at times unnervingly funny, Despatch — a play for theatre — examines the relationship between responsibility and issues of global importance, forcing us to confront our complicity in events that seem beyond our control.

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Hannah Danson is a hard-bitten New Zealand foreign correspondent who has already served in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Somalia.  Along with her photographer lover, Richie, she finds herself in a war zone covering the story of a genocide.  At the heart of the story is a Catholic nun, Sister Mala, whose involvement in the genocide drives Hannah into an obsessive quest to discover her whereabouts.  The journey to find the truth takes her from observer/commentator on the war to active participant.

About the author

Angie Farrow, associate professor in theatre and creative processes at Massey University, has written extensively for theatre and radio. Her work for stage includes After Kafka, Amnesia, Memento and The Bowler Hat. She has written two community plays: Before the Birds and The River. Among her radio plays are All Packed Up, New Zealand Lamb, Carrion, Speed of Light and The Beauty Business. In 2014 she published Falling and Other Short Plays.

Angie has a special interest in experimental theatre, and her plays have won numerous national and international awards.

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Dimensions 148 × 7 × 210 mm