Falling and other short plays

Angie Farrow


Short plays full of intensity and drama.

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These plays have worked successfully in New Zealand and overseas with small theatre companies, tertiary and secondary students. Short plays are a passion for Angie Farrow: “I enjoy the fun of trying to say a lot with very little, pressing something huge into a small container. A short play is like a highly charged battery: full of locked-in energy that can fuel an intensity of drama.”

“Through a mechanism of theoretical alchemy, Angie Farrow’s short, sharp plays evoke the performances of myth and the myths of performance we use to choreograph our actions in life and love.”
— Thom Conroy, senior lecturer in creative writing, Massey University

“Angie Farrow manages to get epic themes across in these intense and clever short plays. Perfect material for any tertiary or senior high school drama class.”
— Robert Gilbert, director of theatre arts, Rangi Ruru Girls’ School

“Brilliantly clever, witty and sharp — these works contain a multitude of real and surreal characters and worlds, and they take you on theatrical journeys way beyond the length of the plays.”
— Stuart Hoar, playwright

“Angie’s plays live in a place between wonder and fear, whimsy and despair, longing and exuberance. They are delicate and robust little celebrations of life that I love to get inside. These plays are a delicious gift for directors.”
— Amanda McRaven, theatre director & teacher, Los Angeles


About the author

Angie Farrow, associate professor in theatre and creative processes at Massey University, has written extensively for theatre and radio. Her work for stage includes Despatch, After Kafka, Amnesia, Memento and The Bowler Hat. She has written two community plays: Before the Birds and The River. Among her radio plays are All Packed Up, New Zealand Lamb, Carrion, Speed of Light and The Beauty Business.

Angie has a special interest in experimental theatre, and her plays have won numerous national and international awards.


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