Fishing from the Boat Ramp

Jillian Sullivan


A book to inspire, impel and sustain the person who wishes to live creatively.

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An allegory about a writer who struggles with her craft, with motivation and most of all with doubt. One day a guide, whom she calls Godfrey, turns up. From winter till spring, on the beach where the writer lives, in the mountains and by the valleys and vines, the writer asks and Godfrey explains: what it is, this creative life, how to live it, and how to keep on going.

About the author

Jillian Sullivan writes fiction and non-fiction for children, teenagers and adults. Her work in­cludes four novels, three collections of stories and over sixty short stories published in NZ and the US. Here she has won the Tom Fitzgibbon Award and the Maurice Gee Prize in Children’s Writing, and in the US, the Highlights Fiction Award – twice.

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