From Jersey Surgery to Kuriheka Stables

edited by Susan M Kano


The memoirs of Edward Dillon O’Connor, 1903–1978.

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In 1978, the year before his death, Edward Dillon O’Connor (known as Bill) started to record his life story. However, he only completed the account of his earlier days in Jersey (The Channel Islands) where his Irish father, Dr Edward Morris O’Connor, had established himself as a General Practitioner  in 1895.

These memoirs of Bill’s early years convey what it was like to grow up in an Irish family establishing itself in a totally new environment, further complicated by the onset of The Great War in 1914.


About the author

Reading her Grandfather’s account prompted the Editor, Susan Kano, to travel to Jersey and Ireland in 2013 to research the history of the noteworthy O’Connors of Connaught. She also visited the village of Nueil-sur-Layon to make a short documentary in French about the Irish artist Roderic O’Conor who was first cousin to The Archdeacon John Hutton O’Connor (Edward Dillon’s grandfather).

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