How We Fell

Glenn Colquhoun


Faster than a speeding simile! Able to leap hyperbole in a single bound! Can Poetryman rescue the damsel from catastrophic cliches?

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Award-winning poet Glenn Colquhoun’s innovative new collection describes his ten year relationship with his former wife — through all its highs, cries, lies and sighs.

Vivid imagery — colourful storytelling — bittersweet humour — this is poetry for anyone who has ever fallen in, or out, of love.

She kissed me first.
She will deny it but she did.
I was there at the time
at least in the beginning …

About the author

Glenn Colquhoun is a doctor, poet and children’s writer. His first poetry collection, The Art of Walking Upright, won Best First Book of Poetry at the 2000 Montana New Zealand Book Awards. In 2003 he won the Poetry Category and also became the first poet to be awarded the coveted Montana Readers’ Choice Award. He has written several children’s books and has been the convener of the New Zealand Post Book Awards. In 2004, Colquhoun was the recipient of the Prize in Modern Letters.

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