I Tried Not to Cry: The journeys of ten Cambodian refugee women

Niborom Young


Ten Khmer women tell their stories of Cambodia’s recent tragic past.

“Those who have told their stories in this book have survived against all the odds. The book is a tribute to their strength and intelligence.”
— Dame Silvia Cartwright

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In 1993 Niborom participated in the centennial celebration of Women’s Suffrage Year by making an oral history of ten Cambodian refugee women. Later, assisted by the Alexander Turnbull Library, Niborom transcribed and translated the original tapes into English. This book has been created directly from that work. Within its pages, ten Khmer women of varying ages and backgrounds tell their stories of Cambodia’s tragic recent past from a point of view usually unheard.

About the author

Niborom Young was born in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. In 1974 she arrived in New Zealand as a Colombo Plan student. Her journey became one-way after the Khmer Rouge closed Cambodia to the outside world in 1975. Several years passed before she was able to return, working for international aid agencies in refugee camps on the Thai–Cambodian border during the final stages of the war that had cost her so much.

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