Bill Sutton


Bill’s poems touch on science, politics, family and personal concerns, including humour as well as more serious comments on current New Zealand issues.

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The lake

To my total surprise
she stripped off all her clothes
and rushed out into the lake
splashing and squealing

so what could a man do
but take off his own
and wade out to join her
feeling gingerly for the stones?

when all that silly girl wanted
was to splash water in my eyes
and run back to the shore —
all the people watching us

thought it was a great joke
but I’ve always regretted
not having our photograph taken
while we were still so much in love.

About the author

Bill Sutton lives in Napier. Previously a DSIR scientist, senior policy analyst and Labour MP, he grew up on a South Canterbury farm and in 2013 organised a national poetry conference in Hawke’s Bay.

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