Katherine Mansfield’s New Zealand

Vincent O'Sullivan


A stunning, fully illustrated guide to the country and times that shaped our greatest short story writer — a feast of images and relevant excerpts from Mansfield’s stories and journals.

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Katherine Mansfield was born in Wellington in 1888 and died in France in 1923, regarded as one of the finest short story writers of her time. Her country of birth, initially a source of frustration for her, in time came to influence her writing. From Kezia’s Karori journey in Prelude, to the landscape of The Woman at the Store, the images of colonial New Zealand are a distinctive and compelling part of KM’s writing. A fascinating section of the book details her expedition to the Urewera and thermal regions.

The first (monochrome) edition of Katherine Mansfield’s New Zealand appeared in 1974; this edition has been extensively revised, with colourful new images and vivid excerpts from Katherine Mansfield’s writing.

A book to be treasured by everybody who loves New Zealand literature and history.

About the author

Vincent O’Sullivan has edited several volumes of Mansfield’s letters and stories. He is also a fiction writer, poet and biographer, and was professor of English at Victoria University.

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