Leaving my Arms Free to Fly Around You

Nicola Easthope


Nicola’s poems touch on travel, teaching, nature, love and family. The structure of this first collection echoes the life-path of the gannet/tākapu — flying off for many years, finally to return to its birth colony to make a family.

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She is an ocean staircase strider.
She rides clear above shells and crabs.
Gannets lift her thighs high
with fine lines of surf.
She shapes their heads into bottles.
Draws their bills into nibs.
Here comes the perfect page.

About the author

With roots in the Orkney Islands, Scotland, England and Wales, Nicola was born in London and grew up in Wellington. Since high school she has been active in campaigns for social justice, peace and the environment, working for Greenpeace Aotearoa for a number of years. Nicola also spent ten years teaching English and Social Studies. She is currently the Kāpiti Enviroschools facilitator and lives with her partner and daughter on the Kāpiti Coast.

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