Superhero Levi! / Tuatangata Levi!

Robyn Kahukiwa


Villains, beware! Superhero Levi is here!

One day I heard a cry for help. I stopped what I was doing and looked around, searching with my powerful eyes to find where the cries were coming from…

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Levi is an everyday Kiwi kid who knows that anyone can have superpowers, and a true superhero is always ready to use them — no matter how scared you are.

Available in English and te reo Māori, Superhero Levi / Tuatangata Levi is written and illustrated by outstanding Māori artist Robyn Kahukiwa.

About the author

Robyn Kahukiwa is a staunch supporter of Māori rights and the power and prestige of Māori women, she has been exhibiting nationally and internationally for over 30 years and has works in major museum collections worldwide.

“My art is about Mana Māori, and the affirmation of Māori identity. It is based on our earliest traditions while marking our cultural continuance in Te Ao Hurihuri, today’s world.”

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English: 978-1-927242-41-4, Māori: 978-1-927242-42-1