Matter and What Matters (paperback)

Lionel Sharman


Lionel faces the apparent conflict between science and religion, not by compromising the science or arguing exceptions, but by examining how scientific knowledge is established and what really matters in Christianity — and by inference other religions. This is extremely important to us all, as religion is the base for our society and relationships, even for those who do not accept much that religion teaches.

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Lionel relates the science to our everyday life, thought and actions, our understanding of free will and our consciousness. He teases out from the elaborate religious beliefs that have accumulated from ancient and historical times, what he believes really matters. This lets him suggest a way in which a twenty-first century person, aware of the way science works, accepting the technology that science affords, and receiving the knowledge of our world that science presents, can honestly worship God and practice a religious faith.

Rather than write an objective and formal thesis, he uses simple conversational prose, and sets that off with a number of poems which directly confront the issues of faith and science with emotional engagement.

About the author

Lionel Sharman is a scientist who also is a practising Christian.

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