Noel Shepherd


A novella about the author of Man Alone

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On Anzac Day 1945, John Mulgan — soldier, journalist and author of the iconic New Zealand novel Man Alone — took his own life in a Cairo hotel bedroom. In this novella, Noel Shepherd recreates the last two years of Mulgan’s life in Greece and Egypt, and tries to fathom the cause of his death. The political situation in the world? Personal relationships? The horror of war? These all affected him deeply, but Noel Shepherd comes up with a dramatic new account of Mulgan’s heroic war and tragic end.

About the author

Noel Shepherd lives deep in the bush in the Whanganui district. He has worked at a variety of jobs: teaching, possum trapping, building and many more. He has held a guiding concession in Tongariro National Park and Kaimanawa Forest Park, rugged areas that feature strongly in Man Alone. This is his first book.

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