Odysseus in Woolloomooloo

Bob Orr


Bob Orr’s poetry — “… tautly controlled imagistic lyrics, some of intense verbal beauty and force of feeling”
~ The Oxford Companion to New Zealand Literature

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“For many readers who may feel alienated by contemporary poetry’s obscurity and find scant lyricism in the chopped up prose that younger poets are passing off as poetry, Orr’s work is a timely — or should that be timeless? — reminder that poetry can still deploy imagery of great beauty, sounds that delight the ear and emotions that move the mind. Bob Orr’s poetry is full of lyric fire, and a warm and open heart backed up by a shrewd intelligence.”
~ Michael Morrissey, Investigate magazine, December 2008

“… so vast in scope, so wide-ranging over time and space and emotion.”
~ Anna Jackson, Waikato Times

About the author

“I was born in the Waikato on a farm beneath Hapuakohe Mountain. Most of my adult life has been spent in Auckland working as a boatman on the Waitemata Harbour and Hauraki Gulf. Odysseus in Woolloomooloo is my eighth published book of verse.”
~ Bob Orr

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