Old Wellington in Colour

Hugh and Susan Price


Glimpse Wellington’s past through these delightful, full-colour picture postcards.

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Old picture-postcards of Wellington strike a soft spot because many of the views are recognisable despite the hundred-year gap, offering a glimpse of a half-familiar past. The charm and distinctive look of these pictures comes from their delicate colouring. They started life as black and white prints and were transformed by skilled European printers.

About the author

Hugh Price was a book publisher for many years, and manager of Price Milburn, founded with his friend Jim Milburn in 1957. They published the PM Story Books, many by Hugh’s wife Beverley Randell.

Susan Price is Hugh’s daughter and a collector of quality children’s books published since 1930. She has given her collection to the National Library: there were 20,000 books in 2007.

Additional information

Dimensions 297 × 210 mm