Pharisees & Fallacies

Norman Maclean


A fresh and challenging appraisal of Judaeo-Christian traditions, New Age fascinations, and other contemporary topics.

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These essays address commonly recognised, but little understood aspects of the Judaeo-Christian tradition: the creation myth; patriarchal biblical figures; sainthood; Heaven above and Hell below; the Marys—virgin and whore; New Age fascinations; apocalyptic prophecies and several other topics of contemporary interest.

The urge to shape belief is instinctive, culturally nurtured, and draws strands from multiple sources. Myth-making, Norman Maclean says, thrives even in a secular age. He writes in a conversational tone to engage with readers and inspire in depth study from the mass of available literature. But rarely is an overview presented in a single volume that permits a casual inquirer to pick their way through and come back to areas of interest.

About the author

Norman Maclean has taught classics, art history and religious studies, and has lectured on National Radio on myth, legend, mysticism. He has led tour groups in the Mediterranean and Near East. In 2009 he won an Ashton Wylie award for his Jesus On Our Own Ground. He is now retired, working as an artist and writer in Gisborne.

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