For God’s Sake, Saddle Me a Donkey!

Dinah Priestley


“Dinah has always managed to make the direst of adventures sound like a hilarious and entertaining Sunday stroll. This one is a great read and the most hair-raising of all. Thank goodness she came back alive.” — Jenny Pattrick

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You’ve heard Dinah reading excerpts on National Radio — now here is the book …

“Are you mad?” friends shrieked when they heard that Dinah and her husband, along with another couple, were planning to take two toddlers with them, driving overland in a clapped-out ex-army truck, all the way from NZ to London. “Pakistan! Afghanistan! Those children will be dead before you reach London!”

Well, they were wrong. Yes, they faced perils and dealt with disasters along the way. But what they hadn’t expected was the heart-warming generosity of people they met, rich and poor, and their instant rapport with the two-year-old children.

Maharajahs, missionaries, madmen and mayhem all feature in Dinah Priestley’s rollicking account of the delights and dangers of travel.

About the author

Dinah Priestley is a writer, artist, actress and oral historian who has worked in New Zealand, Thailand, Malaya and Zambia for radio, newspapers, magazines and television. She has organised and recorded oral history tapes for the NZ Department of Education, Internal Affairs, the Thorndon Society Archives and the Alexander Turnbull Oral History Centre during the past 30 years.

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