Sea Devil: Count von Luckner in NZ and Pacific

James Bade


With the help of newly available archival documents, James Bade re-assesses key historical incidents to unravel the mysteries and misunderstandings surrounding the Sea Devil. The book includes six maps, over 100 photos (many previously unpublished) and an eight-page colour section.

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Count Felix von Luckner – the Sea Devil – remains one of the most colourful figures in 20th century Pacific history. When he first arrived in New Zealand in October 1917 as a prisoner of war he had to be protected from outraged members of the public, as anti-German sentiment was at its peak. Yet his gentlemanly conduct towards the crews he captured in his raiding activities, his audacious escape from Motuihe Island, and the resulting exposure of the New Zealand military authorities, turned him into something of a folk hero.

About the author

James Bade is an associate professor at the University of Auckland.

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