Leonard Lambert


It’s hard to think of another poet, here or anywhere, who manages to convey so much in so few words, or with such delicacy and lightness of touch.

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The wry self-observer of Park Island and Natural Anthem is still there … but now, more often than not, he’s grinning from ear to ear. Was there ever a love poem quite like ‘The Good Oil’ or, for that matter, ‘Skywire’? Here in Leonard Lambert’s fourth collection we find a poet at the top of his game. The book is a lyrical feast. Enjoy!

To wobble into love at the dingbat end of your sixth decade is remarkable enough. But to find someone who shares your own background & foreground as painter, hard-yards poet and self-created individual is, I would guess, way out on the loopy end of any probability curve you could ever come up with. The dance & wonder of all this, its fizz and sparkle and sheer eye-opening unlikelihood is what these poems sing and celebrate. Bon voyage! — Leonard Lambert

About the author

Leonard Lambert is a poet and painter who immigrated to New Zealand from the United Kingdom. He has worked as a radio copywriter, a communications consultant and he has also worked in advertising. His writing has been anthologised and has appeared in a wide range of literary journals and magazines, as well as broadcast on national radio.

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