The Holy Ghost Among the Fantails

Piera McArthur


Gorgeous, full-colour coffee-table book depicting scenes from Bishop Pompallier’s ministry in New Zealand (1838–1868).

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“It was from my musings about the readjustments necessary for a deeply European person to live happily in New Zealand, even today, that came the idea of using the Bishop as the subject of a series of paintings — to be taken on any level from comic strip to profound — purple is his colour, regal his stance, touching his struggles (almost submerged as he was by difficulties administrative and financial) to cope with the wear and tear of life so far from home.”
— Piera McArthur

About the author

Her mind seething with images, Piera writes, “Painting fills my time and my thoughts. Each work I do is a challenge and prepares me for the next encounter. I translate into painterly idioms the subjects which inspire me — vital, energetic, colourful — the whole of life, with its abundance, is the realm of the painter.”

There is no doubt that an amused eye, a highly developed colour sense, and a great linear ability give Piera’s paintings their unique and occasionally outrageous quality.

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Dimensions 400 × 275 mm

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