Threading Between

Dorothy Howie


“… finely wrought poems, distinguished as much by an alert ear and sharp eye as a gentle sensibility.”
— Peter Kuch, Eamon Cleary Professor of Irish Studies, University of Otago

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Threading Between is a reflective collection that has a rare delicacy of language and the feeling of a poet who has read widely, travelled much, and cares about people, places, and the events — past and present — that surround them. Her poems flow quietly and tellingly, in the manner of the best of Emily Dickinson, and offer much satisfaction and many rewards to those who read them.
— Alistair Paterson, recent editor of Poetry New Zealand

About the author

Dorothy Howie has published one previous book of poems, Twin Threads, in 2014. Her third collection, Golden Threads, is due in the near future. Dr Howie is a researcher now based in the School of Psychology at the University of Auckland. Her books include Thinking About the Teaching of Thinking (2003; revised edition forthcoming) and Teaching Students Thinking Skills and Strategies: A Framework
for Cognitive Education in Inclusive Settings

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