Till the Cows Came Home

Clive Lind


The story of how the New Zealand dairy industry changed in the 40 years to the formation of Fonterra in 2001.

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In the words of two former prime ministers…

“The story of the incredible journey of New Zealand’s dairy farmers and the co-operative enterprises that processed and marketed their milk needed to be told. Clive Lind’s Till the Cows Came Home is a compelling story of how New Zealand’s largest company, Fonterra, came into existence, the battles that had to be fought to retain the co-operative structure that has served both dairy farmers and New Zealand well, and the role of the leading political figures of the times.”
— Jim Bolger

“In many ways the story of the dairy industry is also the story of New Zealand. For a long time we enjoyed the guarantee of the British market; then Britain joined the European Community. It was time to grow up. Our country has been blessed with fine industry leaders, committed and talented public servants and a long line of dedicated politicians. Patriots all, people who could see beyond immediate self-interest and instinctively sought solutions to international problems. Till the Cows Came Home shows how they fought together to build New Zealand’s largest industry. It’s good the story is being told — it is New Zealand Inc at its best, an inspiring tale of pioneers and tough inventive men and women.”
— Mike Moore

About the author

Clive Lind is a Wellington journalist and a former editor of three daily newspapers. He has written about a dozen books, mainly biographies and company histories.

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