Trace Fossils

Mary Cresswell


‘Wry, often likeable poems of memory and loss: “Stay with me videos and comfort me with calendars — / in entertaining views of you I always have an out / and I am sick of rain.'”
New Zealand Books, Autumn 2012

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We all carry losses with us. Some are self-inflicted; some are presented to us by circumstance. Either way, we need our memory to shore them up and hold them in some manageable shape. Mary Cresswell’s poetry looks at memory and loss via a variety of formal structures, and often with humour. She uses images of the Pacific to illustrate much of her work, using not only her admiration for islands (tropic through subantarctic) but also her own journey from California to New Zealand.

The manuscript of Trace Fossils was chosen by Fleur Adcock as first runner-up for the inaugural Kathleen Grattan Award (University of Otago).

About the author

Mary is co-author of Millionaire’s Shortbread (University of Otago, 2003). In 2009 Steele Roberts published her collection of parody and satirical poems, Nearest and Dearest.

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