Turn of the Tide – Te Huringa O Te Tai

Susy Pointon


Modern tales of the legendary north.

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The tide reminds us that nothing is constant and secure, unless it’s the knowledge that things seldom turn out the way we plan them.

In these colourful and entertaining stories:

— A millennial couple on a Tinder date turn up in search of Local Colour and get more than they bargained for on a pig-hunting expedition

— A broken cowboy is persuaded by his daughter to get his mojo back by entering one more race

— A good mate tries to support his friend as he freefalls after a lapse in sobriety

— A grieving teacher believes his wife has returned to her garden in the form of a skylark

— Four old friends reunite for a David Bowie tribute that raises ghosts of their wild years

— Bumbling drug smugglers imagine their actions on a far north beach will go unnoticed

— and much more from this land of legends and larger-than-life characters

About the author

Born in NZ, Susy Pointon has spent much of her adult life in the US, where she studied screenwriting and directing. In 1996 she received an MA in Creative Writing from Ohio University. Her stories have been published in anthologies in NZ, Australia and America. Since returning home Susy has settled in the Hokianga, where she writes for National Radio and makes documentaries about local history and culture. She also raises rare-breed poultry, Arabian horses and other animals.

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