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Michael Nicholson


This finely crafted volume represents with elegance and finesse, the life’s work of the sculptor, painter and video artist Michael Nicholson.

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For much of his career Michael has eschewed the conventional artist trajectory of dealer-branding-annual exhibition-critical recognition, pursuing instead a more individual path of self-imposed rigours as he worked out his relationship with the demands of pictorial and sculptural space.

He has, nevertheless, left a footprint of major works in the UK (his birthplace), Australia, Japan and New Zealand. His years of residing and working in Sydney have provided sculptures for public spaces and a record of participation in the Sydney Biennale and other venues.

Since moving to Wellington, New Zealand, he has produced large abstract paintings on canvas and consolidated his earlier video work, culminating in the Visual Music Project Stages 1, 2, 3.

Michael’s work offers profound insights into the artistic landscape of the Twentieth Century.

Includes bibliography, catalogue of exhibitions and installations, and biographical notes by Pat Baskett.

About the author

Michael Nicholson is a sculptor, painter and video artist.

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Dimensions 290 × 210 mm

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