Wharenui: House of Hope – Christ’s open space for life

Raymond Pelly


At a time of great human suffering, we need access to a fullness of life which also puts us in solidarity with the hopes and aspirations of people everywhere. If you’re prepared to do the hard yards to make such a vision real, this book is for you!

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Wharenui: House of Hope is about the creation of communities that are both hopeful and inclusive. With the Maori meeting house (wharenui) as basic model, and circling around five key words, the book explores resurrection as an open-ended process within history that has potential for now. Applied to any space whatsoever — home, workplace, club, political party, church, sports club — we’re talking about Christ-inspired open spaces for life: houses of hope, rather than places of horror.

About the author

Raymond Pelly is an Anglican priest in Aotearoa New Zealand. He has an MA in Theology from Oxford University and a Doctorate in Ecumenical Theology from the University of Geneva. Besides serving in numerous parishes, he has taught at Westcott House, Cambridge; St John’s College, Auckland; and the University of Massachusetts (Boston Campus). He was also Visiting Scholar at the Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge, Mass., in 1982–83 and 1995–96. His most recent work, 2005–14, has been as Honorary Priest Associate at the Cathedral of St Paul, Wellington, where he had a ministry of counselling, spiritual direction and education.

Raymond’s book, Pilgrim to Unholy Places, is soon to be published in Europe. It raises questions about hope post-Auschwitz to which Wharenui: House of Hope is a New Zealand response. Raymond is a keen photographer, and does much of his thinking on long walks. Axe in hand, he splits the wood that keeps the family warm in their Otaki Gorge bach.

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