Wit of the Staircase

Saradha Koirala


A stunning first collection of poetry.

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i pluck out stray hairs
like lost apostrophes
and watch the final comma-curl
of a caterpillar.

Tomorrow: showers
easing towards evening
but today: Six Suites
for Unaccompanied Cello.

Tea steeping at sea level
the harbour as asphalt
and the wind
an ampersand.

About the author

Saradha Koirala lives, writes and works in Wellington and is of Nepali and Pākehā descent. She has a Masters in Creative Writing from Victoria University’s International Institute of Modern Letters and her poetry has been published in the Listener, broadsheet, Hue & Cry,Turbine, Sport and Lumière Reader. She has taught English at secondary schools since 2005, but still can’t believe her luck in having a job where she can speak in and about metaphors all day.

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