Witness to Change

Lloyd Geering


Reflections on reaching 100

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Witness to Change continues the thread of Lloyd Geering’s recent volumes of reminiscence and reflection, On Me Bike and Portholes on the Past. It begins with the story of his life Lloyd related in February 2018 at a gathering in honour of his 1ooth birthday. Then the focus shifts to social changes Lloyd has observed, and how religious beliefs and practices — especially his own — have developed over his century.

About the author

Sir Lloyd Geering ONZ has made a long and valuable contribution to spiritual and intellectual life in New Zealand and beyond. He believes going to church still has relevance because it is a chance to reflect, share in the life of the community and celebrate the human spirit. But rather than relying on God to answer our prayers, Lloyd calls on us to seek our own answers, and to accept responsibility for caring for the earth and ensuring the health of all forms of life upon it.

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