Women Will Rise! Recalling the Working Women’s Charter

edited by Gay Simpkin & Marie Russell


Women will rise! Recalling the Working Women’s Charter includes chapters by women who promoted the Charter, and others looking at what has been achieved since — and what remains to be done.

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In the late 1970s, as the women’s movement was fracturing, trade union women put forward a new agenda to bring feminists and women workers together. The one-page, 16-clause Working Women’s Charter covered …

★ the right to work

★ equal pay

★ an end to discrimination at work

★ better conditions, family leave, flexible work arrangements

★ free, quality childcare

★ reproductive rights

… and more. Challenged by patriarchal union traditions, the women worked hard to win union support for their demands.


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Gay Simpkin, Grace Millar, Hazel Armstrong, Helen Pearce, Linda Hill, Margaret Wilson, Marie Russell, Martha Coleman, Sue Kedgley, Therese O’Connell, Wendy Davis

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