Conversation by Owl-Light

Alexandra Fraser


Conversation by Owl-Light is an examination of a love affair and its ramifications. Owl-light is that imperfectly lit liminal zone between night and day; a transitional time when difficult things (life, death, love, betrayal) may be spoken of.

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Anatomy student

I come before you in my bare bones
you see right through me

Metatarsals click on floorboards
your thumb tracks my zygomatic arch

one of my better features
You are a student of anatomy

and you fondle condyles
probe cranial nerve foramina

You seek out the lesser trochanter
the supra-spinous fossa

ball and socket inge joints lide
as I am folded into your arms

Yesterday you held a preserved
human heart in your hands

I have left my beating heart
somewhere in your vicinity
Do with it what you will

About the author

Alexandra Fraser is a Waikato-born Auckland poet. This is her first collection.

In previous lives I would have had
a great back-story
being born always in troubled times

But Hamilton in the ’60s
I grew as translucent
and drifting as river fog

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Dimensions 148 × 210 mm